Prints on FBI Cards (FD 258 Card)

At 911 Security and Investigation Services, we value your time and your trust. We provide a comfortable environment with trained Enrollment Agents when you need a printed fingerprint card to take with you. These checks are usually completed for residents of Maryland applying to work in a State other than Maryland. We provide the FD-258 fingerprint cards (FBI BLUE & WHITE) that are required or you may bring your own official fingerprint card(s). Your fingerprints will be digitally rolled and printed on the card. We use a specific printer approved and certified by the State and FBI for this purpose. We only supply fingerprint cards to customers who use our services. Fingerprint cards will not be given out or sold to individuals not using our services. Individuals wishing to obtain fingerprint cards may contact CJIS for more information on acquiring the cards.

The prints on card cost $50.00 for one card and $10.00 for each additional card.